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Brenda Kennerly, a bright star in Maui's constellation of talented artists, is attracting attention with her stunning designs on silk. The usual reaction for anyone viewing her work is pure joy! Her colorful paintings and clothing inspire feelings ranging from amusement to awe. A self-taught artist, Brenda has worked with various creative media for over twenty-five years in the Hawaiian Islands as well as exotic Paris, Indonesia, and the mainland USA. Her art and design company Silk Art Studio serves an international clientele. She also offers two series of classes called art playshops to artists and non-artists alike worldwide, "Unleash Your Creativity!" and "Painting on Silk". 

Brenda's vast creativity doesn't end with painting on silk; you will also find her talent for brilliantly capturing the essence of animals as Pet Portraits in watercolor.


Working from clients' favorite photos, she paints to tell the unique story of their dogs, cats, birds, horses ... any kind of animal. Drawing from experiences of volunteering at a wild cat sanctuary and taking animal communication courses, Brenda uses her sensitivity of the animal kingdom in her artwork. And it shows! Watch the progress of painting a pet portrait: 


"Years ago here on Maui, I remember feeling a huge creative energy inside me. For months I referred to it as 'The Volcano' and wanted very much to express it, but I didn't know how. One day, I bought a whole bag of art supplies, emptied it onto the floor, and sat down in the midst of it. There I was, surrounded by paints, drawing pads, pastels, pencils and brushes, and I felt completely frustrated! I didn't have a clue what to do with them. Finally I picked up a pastel, and started to make marks on the paper. Before long, I was laughing, crying, and drawing wildly with both hands simultaneously. That day The Volcano errupted and has been flowing mightlily ever since! May you too be so inspired." – Brenda Kennerly

What Others Say About Brenda's Art

"Brenda, now I know for sure, your hand is guided from a very high place. When I saw my tiger painting, my heart opened and so did my tear ducts. Your work is inspired."
– Larry Tucker, screenwriter for the movie 'Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice' (Los Angeles, CA)

"I was blown away by the gorgeous painting when my husband brought it home. All of the colors are perfect. Thank you does not do justice to the appreciation and awe I feel for your outstanding piece of art."
 – Katherine B., artist (Washington, D.C.)

"The Georgia O'Keefe exhibit, 'The Poetry of Things', has spawned a number of O'Keefe related items ... artist Brenda Kennerly's silk scarves."
– The Dallas Morning News, on an art exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art (Dallas, TX)

"I had no conception of the jacket, only that it was right to commission you. Brenda, your talent, skills, and love of spirit are in perfect systhesis. The results are flawless! I feel as though you have captured the essence of my mission here!"
– Jeanine H., singer (Everett, WA)

"The mail just arrived and AAAH! Your painting is incredible! For once I am at a loss for words. Thank you!"
– Norma D., success coach (Evergreen, CO)

"I must tell you I am quite an art lover and have many wonderful pieces but this just blows me away. Your detail work with watercolor is amazing."  – Frank M., attorney, (Tacoma, WA)

"All I can say is there ought to be an Emmy or Oscar to present to you for your work! You are so talented...I am knocked out ! Thanks again for all of your detail oriented work and thoughtful progress shots....WOW! You do the BEST dog portraits...the BEST. You are THE ART GODDESS!" – Heidi C., business owner, (Corona Del Mar, CA)


Venues Featuring Brenda's Work Include 
Four Seasons Resort Artist Program, Maui, HI • Wailea Marriott Hotel Artist Program, Maui, HI • Maui Inter-Continental Hotel • Print Gallery, Maui, HI • The Silk Gallery, Maui, HI • Hui Mana Gallery, Maui, HI • Maui International Airport • Coconut Calabash, Kauai, HI • Dallas City Hall • Dallas Museum of Art • Dallas Visual Art Center • The Craft Guild Gallery, Dallas, TX • Main Street Gallery, Richardson, TX • The Upstairs Gallery, Arlington, TX • Six Directional Gallery, Boulder, CO • Red Canyon Art Company, Boulder, CO • Freestyle, Beverly Hills, CA • Forum Expo, LA, CA • Touchstone, Sedona, AZ • The Blue Rose, Santa Fe, NM • The Given Institute, Aspen CO • The Underwood Gallery, Wauwatosa, WI • Cashmere Beach, Palm Beach, FL • Petrina Sole, Palm Beach , FL • Cashmere Hampton, East Hampton, NY ... and numerous private clients worldwide


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